VESTHERM Window and Door Factory.


VESTHERM manufactures and sells windows and doors with thermal insulating glass, white or colored, with 4,5 or 6 thermal insulation chambers, residential doors, coplanar doors, balcony or terrace doors made of PVC Profiles manufactured by Inoutic Germany, member of the Belgian group Deceuninck.


Also, we sell a large array of accessories for PVC Windows, from rolls and exterior shutters made of PVC, to jambs and insect nets.

VESTHERM windows and doors are executed in the private factory of Timisoara and come through a well-defined technological process, completely automated, up to EU standards, using modern CNC machines, produced by: U-R-B-A-N, RAPID and HOLLINGER Germany.


Our strategy is based on continuous and professional development in order to offer our clients product and services of the absolute best quality, at affordable prices.