VESTHERM aluminum rolls are installed in the exterior frame of windows and doors in order to protect against burglary, to diminish exterior noises and to lower the effect of weather factors. Aluminum rolls are resistant to corrosion. They are efficient, durable and environment-friendly.

Function of the VESTHERM aluminum rolls:
–  protection against burglary:
 one of the main characteristics of aluminum rolls is the protection they provide homes, offices and stores against break-ins. The most used anti-break-in system is the lock mounted on the terminal segment of the roll. Its functioning is simple: by rotating the key in the stub, the latch blocks the roll in the inferior position. Another way to block it is to use the safety arch system which is mounted between the pivot and the first segment and is based on the impossibility of raising the segments as long as the pivot is fixed. This system can only be used for electrical-actioned rolls.

– protection against sun rays: aluminum rolls protect the home against powerful sun rays, offering coolness in hot days. At the same time, rolls prevent the degrading of colors from the nearby furniture objects caused by sun rays.

– protection against weather factors: aluminum rolls protect the window against atmospheric phenomenon (rain, snow, hail, blasts of wind). Thus, objects carried by the win during a storm cannot destroy windows or doors.

– reduced energy consumption: when the roll is closed, the air between it and the glass of the window acts as thermic protection. Thus, the roll helps create the perfect temperature inside: keeping cool during hot days and maintaining warmth in cold days. This aspect contributes to the reduction of energy consumption with almost 20%.

noise reduction :the polyurethane foam between the aluminum segments reduced the outside noise, for added comfort.

– manual: with a 14mm band, with a Ø 4,5 mm piping or with the crank
– electric: with active motors or with the remote control