Recommendations in choosing windows:

Before making a long term investment, it is vital to be informed about the quality of the products that you wish to purchase. The best choice of joinery may be complicated, especially if you have many offers, out of which some appear very good at first glance.

Usually, these offers contain shortcomings (bad quality raw material) which will be discovered in the future, during usage. Thus, choosing price over quality often leads to you losing money over the long term.

If you replace old wooden windows with PVC, you must be sure that the joinery you buy is new and not the result of recycling (second-hand joinery). PVC windows which are the result of recovery processes are cheaper, but inferior from a quality standpoint.


The quality of the profiles, the fitting, the thermal insulating glass, the execution and the correct mounting are the main conditions which have to be fulfilled in order for the window to behave well during usage.


We recommend that the PVC joinery be installed by qualified technical personnel.