Window hardware: MACO Multi – Matic

Open-close elements were carefully selected, because the reliability of the windows and doors is greatly influenced by these. VESTHERM Windows are equipped with standard Maco hardware – from Austria.

MACO offers an excellent degree of stability, distributing the weight of the window evenly on all fixing points.

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Sustains a total weight of up to 120-130 kg
  • The inferior joint is adjustable in 3 directions
  • The bolt of the join is burglar-proof
  • The closing rolls are mushroom-type and have adjustable height
  • It comes with the standard unlocking-raising piece
  • Warranty for 40 thousand open-close cycles

Door hardware: Maco Protect
Maco Protect is a complete array of multi-point closing locks for primary or secondary entry doors.
The actual locking is performed with:

  • Anti-theft roles / steel bolts / clasps
  • A combination between anti-theft roles, steel bolts and clasps

Smart locks for anti-theft doors

  • The possibility of 7 point locking in various anti-theft systems.
  • Silent functioning
  • Standard construction includes cranked latch

Door hinge : Simonswerk SIKU 3 Simonswerk SIKU 3 Hinges– the best choice for PVC doors.
Variants from the SIKU 3 series are designed for ensembles with a mass of up to 120 kg.
The SIKU 3D hinge system allows a no-step adjustment on all three direction and remarks itself using the loading capacity of up to 120 kg.
The adjustment is tridimensional, with the possibility of having +/- 5,0 mm adjustments on the lateral direction, +5,0 /- 1,0 mm on height and +/- 2,0 mm regarding the pressure applied to the sealing system.