VESTHEMRM Glass | Double glazing window | SGG Planitherm 4S glass

Our company uses glass provided by the prestigious French producer, Saint-Gobain Glass.
The SGG PLANITHERM 4S glass is a clear coated glass which ensures, at the same time, both improved thermal insulation as well as solar control. Thus, you can enjoy the perfect temperature and ideal light regardless of the season. The winter-summer comfort function maintains a pleasant atmosphere over the course of the entire year and the reflectivity offers each space an elegant aspect.
ADVANTAES: comfort in all 4 seasons

Weather moods stop mattering when using SGG PLANITHERM 4S glass.
In this time of year, the double glazing which integrates the SGG PLANITHERM 4S glass allows:
– increased comfort;
– cost reduction.

Due to its solar control function, the SGGPLANITHERM 4S glass reflects twice as much solar energy as normal double glazing , without needing additional solar protection, which means:
– lower cooling costs;
– ideal temperature and furniture protection.

With SGG PLANITHERM 4S, the transition towards the cold season is almost undetectable.
Due to its characteristics, the effects of lowered temperatures are diminished, leading to:
– increased comfort;
– cost reduction.

The double glazing formed with SGG PLANITHERM 4S glass offers thermal insulation 3 times larger than that of a regular double <glazing>.
This feature translates into numerous advantages:
– warmth and comfort;
– significant cost reductions for heating.

Using SGG PLANITHERM 4S you will make substantial energy savings over the course of the entire year. Heating and cooling costs are thus considerably reduced.

Associated with other types of glass SGG PLANITHERM 4S also ensures other functions like: noise protection, people and assets protection, self-cleaning.

SGG PLANITHERM 4S glass is ideal for the windows of every new or renovated construction. Its features allow the usage of the product both in the residential sector (individual housing, bloc of flats) as well as the non-residential sector (office buildings, hotels and restaurants, commercial centers, schools, greenhouses)

Double glazing performed with SGG PLANITHERM 4S combines perfectly with all types of joinery: PVC, wood, aluminum, mixed.