ELEGANT WINDOW SYSTEM / Superior technology with a pioneering design

This revolutionary system was implemented in Romania by Vestherm, with the support of our partner Deceuninck Group Belgium.

The Elegant profile system has outstanding performance characteristics. A first-rate thermal insulation value Uf of 0.93 w/m2k and a low profile depth of just 76 mm guarantee maximum flexibility in new buildings and renovations. The environmentally-friendly recycled material EcoPowerCore is used in the manufacturing process. As a result, Elegant also sets new benchmarks in the area of sustainability.

With its narrow, slimline appearance, combined with a cubic, angular glazing bead system, Elegant is a completely new generation of designer window. From a visual aspect, Elegant and aluminium windows virtually look the same – both give houses a stylish, elegant, modern look. For this reason, the system is a practical, ecological alternative to aluminium windows


  • 76 mm system, 6 chambers
  • Frame insulation value: Uf value of 0.93 W/m²K
  • Insulation value for the entire window Uw up to 0.63 W/m²K
  • Passive house standard can be achieved effectively with normal triple glazing
  • Glazing up to 70 mm for very thick thermal insulation glazing or soundproof glazing
  • 2 different sash designs
  • Maximum element sizes with special adhesive technology
  • Soundproofing to noise protection class 5
  • 40 different foil colours