Windows | doors EFORTE series

Profiles from the EFORTE series have a constructive width of 84mm and 6 insulation chambers. EFORTE joinery passes all tests regarding the thermal insulation degree of modern windows.
According to the checks done in testing laboratories, the thermic transfer coefficient reached the value of 0,95 W/mpK. By using this system, requirements stated in the passive housing standard can be fulfilled, at optimal costs.
Here are some of the main characteristics of the EFORTE product:

  • Special thermal tightening (which leads to an improvement in the thermal insulation level)
  • Availability of an innovative system for connecting the glaze which increases the stability of large systems (installed from floor to the ceiling) – median armature with low contact pressure – depth of window furrow of 25mm
  • Special fixing armature of the thermal insulating window which ensures optimal impermeability to pluvial water.

General features:

  • 6 air chambers for a profile width of 84mm
  • Thermic transfer coefficient of 0,95 W/mpK
  • Profiles are from Class A, with a thickness of the PVC wall of 3mm
  • Acoustic protection up to class 1, depending on the type of window that is used
  • Profile thickness allows the mounting of simple, double or triple (up to 50 mm ) windows or panels
  • All water draining holes and ventilation holes are found in the exterior chambers, this preventing humidity to enter inside the armatures, reducing the risk of corrosion
  • Mitered surfaces ensure a good drainage of water and harmonious design.